Sometimes what you may come up with seems silly or grandiose. You may have so many things, that you are a jumble!

Or, you may come up with nothing, feel sad and go on Monster dot com. I don’t want that you for.


You don’t really want that for you.

Not when you've come this far.  


As a small business owner myself, it is my passion to assist others to better fulfill their dreams.  I am an intuitive business strategist who guides and supports solopreneurs and small business owner using creative strategies and practical tactics.


I am the owner-partner of Cincinnati based Telemedia Technologies, Inc., (TTI) my family's business that started in New York in 1970. We relocated to Cincinnati in 2011 to our dream 'cabin in the woods'.


We are excited to now offer our expertise to individuals and small businesses as well as to our corporate customers.

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."​​

Roy Edward Disney

The Walt Disney Company


I am an energizing person who sees the solution in the problem and take pride in creating a unique customer experience.


I believe in quality team management through leadership, communication, and rapport in the presentation of the brand that I foster. 


I am always trying to improve myself and my skills and am never complacent to accept what is. I hope to have the opportunity to work together with you. 


Are you are ready for a change?

Do you lack support? 

Do you want to grow?


I bet your answers are yes, yes, and heck yeah!

If YES, let me know. ​

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