Four-weeks in a private judgment-free zone, with respect and understanding of your issues and your unique circumstances. Whether you are seeking personal growth, deeper emotional support for your business self, or both; explore the possibilities.




3 - Step 'Dream, Vision, Build' method focuses on trusting yourself, building connections, and learning from experiences in a useful and memorable way. 



3 - Step 'Build Better Business' method focuses on taking an honest and thorough assessment of your business, creating a new strategy and implementing fresh, cohesive tactics. 

☐  Do you want to grow beyond 'hours for dollars'?


☐  Are you already established and need a marketing makeover?


☐  Social Set-Ups, Landing Pages, Plans, and Packages to fit your needs.


☐  Get started now with your no-commitment pre-discovery session.

Starting your own business doesn't have to be confusing, or overwhelming.


Become more comfortable and confident in promoting yourself and your business.

•  Are you a creative person contemplating offering your services, but business is just not your thing?

•  Does everyone say that you are so good at what you do, you should go into business?


•  Do you have big ideas but just can't get started?

•  Perhaps you are a small business or soloprenuer just trying to keep up. 

I'd Love to Tell You More


I created Queen City Social as a multi-faceted marketing service for independent professionals, freelancers, creatives, start-ups, and solopreneurs like you, who would like a little extra support. 


Have you often wished that you had an understanding person to help you, with patience and in a judgment-free zone?


You can achieve success with a little more guidance, support, and accountability. You'll get one-on-one support in marketing, technology, and intrapersonal techniques that focus on the outcome. 


WHAT?  If you are overwhelmed, we can talk some more! With my 3-Step  process you can start, boost or makeover businesses.     


So what can you do?
Where do you start?

     STEP 1 - DREAM - Awareness

     STEP 2 - VISION - Intention            
     STEP 3 - BUILD - Action

                           & Clarity 

Ask yourself …


1 - Are you are ready for a change?

2 - Do you know what you want? 

3 - Do you lack direction and support?

I bet your answers are yes, yes, and heck yeah! And you'll be glad you asked! 


On Your Way


What if you cant get going? Limiting beliefs can become your reality. Do you sometimes feel isolated and lonely because you don’t know other like-minded people to talk to about building your business?


Do you feel that one day you're on top of the world and can do anything and the next day feel totally lost and confused?


You may get so excited about your ideas and then talk to someone who doesn’t think you can do it and then you feel hopeless. Do you feel like you have a million ideas and you're going around in circles? 

Are you saying, "Yeah, that's me! So what can I do? Where do I start"? You need a mentor. First, empower yourself and get the support that you deserve, by reaching out to me, follow the strategies that we create together, be teachable, be accountable, and you’ll break through those old patterns. You can build a business that fully supports your vision and your passion.                    

Step 1 -
Are you are ready
for a change?
That’s your ‘Awareness’.
You’ve already begun the process.

Empower yourself to get the support you want, follow the strategies that we create together, and you’ll break through those old patterns.

Step 2 -
Do you know what you want?
What is your 'Intention'?
It may seem easy at first
but really think about it...

Sometimes what you may come up with seems silly or grandiose. You may have so many things, that you are a jumble!

Or, you may come up with nothing, feel sad and go on Monster dot com. I don’t want that you for.


You don’t really want that for you.

Not when you've come this far.  

Step 3 -
Do you lack direction and support?
You need 'Clarity'.
You have just done Steps 1 & 2, so why stop now? Let’s begin with...

Let’s begin with our phone call and we'll discuss Steps 1 and 2. We can talk about what your wants and needs really are in a judgment-free zone.


Family and friends are great, but not always so much for this kind of stuff! Now take that next step with me, give yourself the support you deserve, and the direction to get there, (clarity).


That's the beginning of your Step Three, yippee! Now it's time to build. I am so excited to get started working with you. All you have to do is put your name and email in the box and BREATHE!

The Programs



Intense personal work to discover and fine-tune your goals from the inside out.


Four - Week 1 : 1  Session

$447   In-Person only. 





mini - session

Intensive shorter version. 

Two - Week 1  Session1 :

$227   In-Person only. 



Monthly Subscription


As a small business owner myself, it is my passion to assist others to better fulfill their dreams.  I am an intuitive business strategist who guides and supports solopreneurs and small business owner using creative strategies and practical tactics.


I am the owner-partner of Cincinnati based Telemedia Technologies, Inc., (TTI) my family's business that started in New York in 1970. We relocated to Cincinnati in 2011 to our dream 'cabin in the woods'.


We are excited to now offer our expertise to individuals and small businesses as well as to our corporate customers.

"It's not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are."​​

Roy Edward Disney

The Walt Disney Company


I am an energizing person who sees the solution in the problem and take pride in creating a unique customer experience.


I believe in quality team management through leadership, communication, and rapport in the presentation of the brand that I foster. 


I am always trying to improve myself and my skills and am never complacent to accept what is. I hope to have the opportunity to work together with you. 

"Enjoy the freedom and excitement of a new business owner."